Running Arch Linux on Your Rooted Android Phone
23 Jul 2013

Arch Linux is my preferred distribution of GNU/Linux and I enjoy using it on all my devices. I recently discovered how to make this possible thanks to this blog post. I did things slightly differently for my current Android device, which is a Verizon branded Galaxy Nexus. I will document how I did this for my future reference and for anyone else that wanders into my neck of the internet. Make no mistake though, the author of that post deserves all the credit for making most of this process. I stress that this as much for my own reference as it is for anyone who might find this useful.

X11 Streaming to RTMP Server with FFmpeg
22 Jul 2013

Today we're gonna do what the title says we're gonna do. I'm assuming you already have ffmpeg installed and are running X. Let's dive straight into the command: