2019-01-19 18:32:55.703762-08:00 needlesslyVerbose I think I'm pretty far? I've been pretty into it as it got going, been basically all my free time
2019-01-19 18:33:08.392670-08:00 needlesslyVerbose So I'm at Okumura's palace
2019-01-19 18:34:30.689953-08:00 zaxcellent I see.
2019-01-19 18:35:01.721478-08:00 needlesslyVerbose I could make a guess at how far in I am, but it's hard to say
2019-01-19 18:35:20.149978-08:00 zaxcellent (Avoiding saying things is hard because I don't know what you consider spoilers, so I guess I will say nothing)
2019-01-19 18:35:41.379025-08:00 needlesslyVerbose Appreciate it
2019-01-19 18:35:42.533050-08:00 zaxcellent I know when I was playing the game, I avoided story spoilers like the plague.
2019-01-19 18:36:00.878065-08:00 needlesslyVerbose I realize it's frustrating, but I'd prefer playing it safe if possible
2019-01-19 18:36:03.509996-08:00 zaxcellent But I liked to talk about tactics and whatnot, and about bosses after I completed them.
2019-01-19 18:36:26.975415-08:00 zaxcellent Yeah, it's fine. I was just explaining why I gave such a lame response as "I see"
2019-01-19 18:36:39.504346-08:00 needlesslyVerbose Yeah obviously anything in the past four dungeons worth of plot is fair game for discussion
2019-01-19 18:37:03.862008-08:00 zaxcellent I remember Madarame's boss giving me a ton of trouble.
2019-01-19 18:37:11.988686-08:00 zaxcellent Regenerating boss mechanics tend to do that to me.
2019-01-19 18:37:54.778560-08:00 needlesslyVerbose I've generally been optimizing the shit out of things and been a bit ahead of the level curve, because that's just what I tend to gravitate towards in RPGs
2019-01-19 18:38:03.143032-08:00 needlesslyVerbose And I'd still say yeah, that was the toughest boss
2019-01-19 18:38:48.942404-08:00 needlesslyVerbose Group bosses can be a problem because of how much damn damage they do
2019-01-19 18:38:54.843314-08:00 zaxcellent I spent literally no time grinding, and I felt the game was balanced towards that kind of player, at least on the difficulty I was at.
2019-01-19 18:39:07.863129-08:00 needlesslyVerbose Agreed, that does seem to be how it's balanced
2019-01-19 18:39:30.107693-08:00 zaxcellent I didn't optimize particularly well either, spending most of my time just trying to do relationships.
2019-01-19 18:39:34.094786-08:00 needlesslyVerbose Confession, I recently became a bit more overpowered than I prefer
2019-01-19 18:39:48.920156-08:00 zaxcellent Is there an option to bump difficulty?
2019-01-19 18:40:05.633245-08:00 needlesslyVerbose Because early on I was wondering if locked chests were worth it
2019-01-19 18:40:12.468811-08:00 needlesslyVerbose As the first few are just healing items and the like
2019-01-19 18:40:24.878429-08:00 zaxcellent Or if you don't like that, you could fuse down your personas to get ones you were missing at the cost of high level fusions.
2019-01-19 18:40:56.210992-08:00 needlesslyVerbose And it takes time to make lockpicks, and wasting time really gets at my perfectionism
2019-01-19 18:41:10.585408-08:00 zaxcellent I felt that pretty hard in the game.
2019-01-19 18:41:24.027857-08:00 needlesslyVerbose It hasn't been as bad as I thought, but it's still definitely bugged me here and there
2019-01-19 18:41:41.144130-08:00 zaxcellent Heheh, I definitely reloaded old saves a few times to help me optimize.
2019-01-19 18:41:48.384856-08:00 needlesslyVerbose So occasionally, I just throw up my hands and search stuff in a private window so I don't get recommended content
2019-01-19 18:42:15.154301-08:00 zaxcellent This is definitely where having friends who have played helps.
2019-01-19 18:42:16.511666-08:00 needlesslyVerbose But the question of "are chests useful" lead to someone mentioning you can make an eternal lockpick later
2019-01-19 18:42:23.114987-08:00 needlesslyVerbose And where the best spot to grind for it was
2019-01-19 18:42:23.843810-08:00 zaxcellent They can give surgical, spoiler free, guidance.
2019-01-19 18:42:50.817058-08:00 needlesslyVerbose And since that spot was in a location that disappears (palace 4), I just put on some let's plays and did some grinding
2019-01-19 18:43:10.377548-08:00 needlesslyVerbose I like not having to worry about lockpicks, but that's why I'm a few levels ahead now
2019-01-19 18:43:47.009236-08:00 zaxcellent It's good that you got it so early. By the time I had the supplies naturally, I already had tons of lockpicks.
2019-01-19 18:43:57.762565-08:00 needlesslyVerbose Yeah, I had that thought too
2019-01-19 18:44:00.486540-08:00 zaxcellent The game had got one over on me :)
2019-01-19 18:44:27.584320-08:00 needlesslyVerbose Plus not making lockpicks means precious time slots
2019-01-19 18:44:49.038318-08:00 zaxcellent Can I make a recomondation for you about which relationship to pursue?
2019-01-19 18:45:04.003892-08:00 needlesslyVerbose Like confidant or romance?
2019-01-19 18:45:05.621918-08:00 zaxcellent I ask because it helped me a lot with my optimization compulsion and I was glad.
2019-01-19 18:45:09.969723-08:00 zaxcellent Confidant.
2019-01-19 18:45:11.058123-08:00 needlesslyVerbose I guess sure either way
2019-01-19 18:45:24.012326-08:00 needlesslyVerbose I've occasionally cheated and looked up basic things
2019-01-19 18:45:52.581938-08:00 needlesslyVerbose Like peeking at later skills for confidants I've already found
2019-01-19 18:45:59.755959-08:00 zaxcellent Have you done the Fortune confidant yet?
2019-01-19 18:46:08.144885-08:00 needlesslyVerbose Partway through it
2019-01-19 18:46:18.351714-08:00 needlesslyVerbose So far the only one that seems outright useless to me is the journalist
2019-01-19 18:46:27.208703-08:00 zaxcellent Yeah, fuck the journalist.
2019-01-19 18:46:37.055189-08:00 zaxcellent go for the Fortune, at least up to level 7.
2019-01-19 18:46:54.424099-08:00 needlesslyVerbose Aren't like all the journalist abilities based on security level?
2019-01-19 18:46:58.144133-08:00 zaxcellent (ok, the journalist isn't that bad because she tends to give skill points)
2019-01-19 18:47:07.940572-08:00 needlesslyVerbose I feel like the game vastly overestimates how hard the stealth is
2019-01-19 18:47:09.471183-08:00 zaxcellent yeah, they are literally all security level.
2019-01-19 18:47:15.540629-08:00 needlesslyVerbose By which I mean, it's hilariously easy
2019-01-19 18:47:25.049545-08:00 zaxcellent Agreed, it was easy.
2019-01-19 18:47:31.892658-08:00 needlesslyVerbose Apart from treasure day, I don't think I've ever gone above like, 20ish%
2019-01-19 18:47:40.335852-08:00 zaxcellent I think it really only affected me very badly when I got in a jam at the first castle.
2019-01-19 18:48:15.405936-08:00 needlesslyVerbose Even then, can't you just backtrack and ambush some weaker dudes to lower it?
2019-01-19 18:48:25.668824-08:00 needlesslyVerbose Not that that wouldn't be annoying
2019-01-19 18:48:36.762211-08:00 needlesslyVerbose But hardly seems worth leveling an entire confidant
2019-01-19 18:48:39.354923-08:00 zaxcellent I was being stubborn and was stuck in an area where stealth was impossible.
2019-01-19 18:48:47.460913-08:00 needlesslyVerbose When the other ones have such cool stuff
2019-01-19 18:49:03.519437-08:00 needlesslyVerbose What's fortune level 7 do?
2019-01-19 18:49:10.344790-08:00 zaxcellent Agreed. It's not worth it aside from being a somewhat efficient skill point gathering thing.
2019-01-19 18:49:13.566800-08:00 needlesslyVerbose I feel like I may have looked it up at this point but forgot
2019-01-19 18:49:33.559153-08:00 zaxcellent At level 7 you can pay that confidant to boost a confidant's bond.
2019-01-19 18:49:38.027732-08:00 needlesslyVerbose (I'll keep the skill points in mind. It'll probably be a "can't level anyone else up" option)
2019-01-19 18:49:48.285642-08:00 needlesslyVerbose Well shit, that seems broken
2019-01-19 18:50:09.190835-08:00 zaxcellent It costs 5000, which is pretty cheap, and you can only do it once per day I think.
2019-01-19 18:50:28.544139-08:00 needlesslyVerbose Oh yeah I'm pretty sure I've already completely broken the economy
2019-01-19 18:50:30.225733-08:00 zaxcellent It doesn't bump the level, it just helps you get them closer to the next level up.
2019-01-19 18:51:03.390925-08:00 needlesslyVerbose Even if I hadn't, 5,000 is like two regular fights or something
2019-01-19 18:51:13.414582-08:00 needlesslyVerbose Ah
2019-01-19 18:51:22.781717-08:00 needlesslyVerbose Actually, I kind of prefer that
2019-01-19 18:51:23.401690-08:00 zaxcellent Needless to say, you should use it as often as possible.
2019-01-19 18:51:35.482736-08:00 needlesslyVerbose Because I would be kinda bummed if I missed out on their dialogue/character arcs
2019-01-19 18:51:39.971507-08:00 needlesslyVerbose That's part of the fun
2019-01-19 18:51:52.880974-08:00 zaxcellent Yeah, I finished out the journalist more because I liked the character.
2019-01-19 18:52:47.923692-08:00 needlesslyVerbose So far I don't dislike anyone
2019-01-19 18:52:59.335115-08:00 needlesslyVerbose Although some I haven't spent enough time with to form opinions
2019-01-19 19:17:22.588962-08:00 zaxcellent have you discovered all the confidants?
2019-01-19 19:21:03.340760-08:00 needlesslyVerbose How could I tell?
2019-01-19 19:21:07.316689-08:00 eldritch hey yall
2019-01-19 19:21:23.366556-08:00 needlesslyVerbose If there's a message in game, I don't think I've seen one
2019-01-19 19:21:34.180139-08:00 needlesslyVerbose I don't see a trophy for finding them all, only maxing them all
2019-01-19 19:21:38.653660-08:00 needlesslyVerbose Spoiler, I haven't gotten that one
2019-01-19 19:21:40.365009-08:00 needlesslyVerbose 'lo Alex
2019-01-19 19:22:48.857885-08:00 needlesslyVerbose Wait hang on, I can check what kinds of persona are available in the velvet room
2019-01-19 19:23:52.002004-08:00 eldritch ah, persona
2019-01-19 19:23:57.784473-08:00 eldritch I was about to ask what you were playing
2019-01-19 19:24:51.032243-08:00 needlesslyVerbose Well I just checked and I've got 20 confidants and there are 21 in the persona compendium
2019-01-19 19:25:04.922503-08:00 needlesslyVerbose Buuuuut I haven't formed a confidant with my newest party member yet
2019-01-19 19:25:11.777872-08:00 needlesslyVerbose So I've basically got them all, yes
2019-01-19 19:25:27.640001-08:00 needlesslyVerbose It's funny, I just got a new one like a couple days ago
2019-01-19 19:40:59.029544-08:00 zaxcellent yeah, sorry, there is company over so I've been afk
2019-01-19 19:41:05.577565-08:00 zaxcellent but you basically figured it out
2019-01-20 08:25:37.234160-08:00 eldritch hey yall
2019-01-20 10:17:36.011486-08:00 eldritch also zach we should work on project Update the Streaming Site